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UK press dubs ousted England World Cup ‘idiots’:

Interpol to tie up with ICC, BCCI

Experts welcome RBI decision to keep rates unchanged

November 27, 2011 At a crossroads once again: “It was in 1980 that the former Maharashtra Chief Minister A.R. Antulay realised to his misfortune that it was not alright for his Government to allot cement to those who desperately needed it, just days after they made a donation to one of the innumerable trusts floated by him.”

November 29, 2011 Behind biggest I-T seizure, a case of multiplying crores: “Having dropped out after matriculation, Lal Babu’s rise to riches, officials say, began with his association with two BCCL general managers, D C Jha and S P Singh, as well as BJP Jharia MLA Kunti Singh. The latter is the widow of the late coal mafia don Surya Dev Singh.”

Mahatma Gandhi Philosophy

These selections are from his speeches and writings and will give the reader some idea of the working of Gandhi’s mind, the growth of his thoughts on peace, nonviolence, truth, love, God and the practical techniques which he adopted.


Bharti close to clinching Zain deal

Bharti close to clinching Zain deal

Facebook Is Said to Be Near F.T.C. Settlement on Privacy

World Economic Forum to kick-off in Mumbai from Sat